How To Spend Your Holidays In The Most Possible Productive Ways Ever!

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As the holidays roll in, every college student or high schooler, aims at crashing in the beds and hibernating away to make up for all the lost sleep spent studying and cramming last minute notes. But let’s be real, after sometime, that becomes rather impractical to achieve, because well, sleeping all the time becomes a pretty boring thing to do to at one point or the other. And so, the next alternative is crashing in front of the TV or the laptop with Netflix on, and endless movies and dramas to watch! And thus begins the days of couch camping! This is practically something that we all tend to do, whether it is intentional or not. After all, as the roads get snowed in, you literally can’t move anywhere but the close space of your home! Instead of lying around and doing nothing all day (watching Netflix doesn’t count!), here are some things you could try doing to make sure you spend this holiday as productive as you possibly could! pet friendly caravan parks

A little note of gratitude

Okay, so some might think this is a rather lame thing to do, and you would rather be taking a hike down a rail trail, but trust me, a little thank you note could go a long way. Who knows may be you might even get Mrs. Grinch next door to share her Wi-Fi password with you! And voila free internet access! Though it might have its perks, this isn’t really the point of it. Have you heard the saying of, it’s the thought that counts? If you have, then you would understand that no expensive gift could ever get close to a heartfelt gratitude note gifted with a homemade craft. Take some time off and think of all those that you feel you owe a show of gratitude to, for all their help in assisting you to be the person who you are today. Make a little card and pen a few heartfelt words, it doesn’t have to be Shakespeare worthy, but it has to be all you and your words, coming from the bottom of your heart. You can view more here  

Plan a getaway

The holidays are the perfect opportunities to plan getaways. Either a family reunion or a simple road trip with friends. There are many places you could book beforehand for holiday accommodation Lakes Entrance, all you have to know to do is, choose wisely from amongst all those available in and out of town!

Take a trip down the memory lane

How long has it been since you last spoke to your high school best friend? Ten years? Fifteen? Nevertheless, make use of this holiday to take some time away from all that is happening, and call your old buddies and set up little gatherings that will become the ideal setting to take that long walk down the memory lane with them, while reliving all those old memories, once again!

While we would all love to become a human version of Garfield during the hols, at least try to make an effort to become productive rather than planning for a month of couch camping and junk snacking!