Helpful Tips For The Female Traveller

It is a universally acknowledged fact that women travelling alone face more danger than men. This is a sad fact but it is true. However, this does not mean that it is impossible for a woman to travel alone. That is because it is more than possible to be safe on your travels. One can do this by being overly cautious. That is because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Selecting a Hotel

Wherever you are going you need to have the Hamilton Island accommodation apartments possible. However, you also need this establishment to be safe. This, therefore, means selecting a small hotel. This is recommended because the staff would then be familiar with all the guests. Furthermore, they would also be aware when there are loiterers hanging around. Also, make sure that the hotel has a reception desk near the entrance. Then the hotel would be aware of who is entering and leaving their establishment.Furthermore, no matter what the accommodation specials may be making sure to select a hotel in a populated area. This means an area that has restaurants and stores nearby. Furthermore, if it is a high traffic area at night you can find transport easily. If you are travelling in your car make sure the hotel has a well-lit car park. Furthermore, one can also make sure that there is valet car parking available.

Maneuvering The Streets

Before you leave the hotel make sure that you are familiar with the map. Furthermore, make sure to use a pocket-sized map on the road instead of a full sized one. This is recommended because it would help you not look like a tourist. Moreover, make sure not to wear jewellery when walking on the road. That is because you can be attacked for this jewellery even if it fake. Furthermore, one should also make sure to only carry copies of important documents.


Study the foreign currency and be familiar with it. Furthermore, make sure not to carry all the cash when going somewhere. It is normally recommended for one to keep the money in a money belt. But one should still make sure to carry a dummy wallet with them. This is recommended because if someone asks for money and if you have none they would get violent.

Selecting The Room

Make sure to ask for a room that is near the elevators. But make sure to avoid the rooms near the emergency exist. This is recommended because one can easily pry open this emergency exists.Travelling alone can be a challenging task. But you would be able to be safe if you follow the aforementioned tips.