The Best Tours You Must Experience In Australia!

The summer vacation just rolled over and now we are about to see the autumn fall over us once more. This means more people are traveling to countries where they can enjoy a quiet peaceful time until Christmas comes up. One of the most popular destinations to go on a mini vacation to is the beautiful continent of Australia. Australia is filled with many different wonders that do not cease to amaze people who live outside the country and sometimes, even the locals as well! It is a country that is filled with glorious sights, unique experiences, beautiful scenery, adventurous times and just an overall incredible time! This is why so many people have made it a point to visit this incredible country either with themselves or with their loved ones. If you are visiting Australia in the near future, you might want to know about the many places that you can tour in so that you are able to soak in the true diversity of this beautiful country.

The great ocean road is a must see!

Knowing about the best places to see and visit in Australia is important because it allows you to soak in more sights in a shorter period of time. One of the must see sights in this country is the great ocean road. With a Yarra Valley wine tours from Melbourne CBD, you will be able to see a lot of unique things that you have never experienced in your life before! The great ocean road is also known as a heritage site and moves along the shores of some historic villages in Australia.

Yarra valley winery is world famous

Wineries are some of the most famous tourist spots not just in Australia but around the world as well. Not all wineries are great enough to become a tourist hot spot but if it is a place like Yarra valley winery, then it has many special elements to it that allows it to stand out from other wineries in the world! If you plan a satisfying Great Ocean Road one day tour, then you can see these beautiful world famous sights for yourself and have a taste of some of the most exclusive wine in the world.

Visit the 12 apostles in Victoria!

Last but surely not least, one more place to note down when touring Australia is the 12 apostles. This a lineup of naturally made limestone that been standing tall for years and are now considered an amazing and unique thing for anyone to see.

Puffing Billy Railway Tours

Wander your way through the rugged shrubs, fern valleys and ancient forests of the Dandenong Mountains, the Bailey Boving Railway Station is one of Australia’s finest train tours. The scenic views of the Yara valley are only part of the experience: historic steam engines, Victorian interior designs and exterior vehicles that allow the legs to turn it into a fun and unforgettable activity for the entire family. For this reason one can hire the services of Melbourne puffing billy tour. This also includes many different places where tourists are attracted to.  

The basics
The Puffing Billy steam train can be taken in any direction, but most passengers start from the Belgrave station. From there, it is 15 miles (25 km) or 1 hour 50 minutes one way to Gembrook Station, with a corridor over the Monbulk Creek Trestle Bridge and stops at Menzies Creek, Emerald, Lakeside and Cockatoo. Melbourne tours often combine excursions on the historic railway line with other regional attractions such as the Hillsville Temple, wine tasting at the Yara Valley wineries, a Melbourne tour or a visit to the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island. The includes this exciting stream train which attracts the victors the most.  People from all over the world come here in vacations because of its famous stream train and the beautiful sights which are worth the price. Moreover paying a visit to this beautiful location not much expensive. 

What you should know before going?
Tickets are sold, especially during the summer vacation, so reserve early to avoid disappointment. All parking stations, bathrooms, cafeteria or snack bar. Luggage space is limited, so bring a small bag for the day and choose a folding stroller. Steam locomotives are sometimes replaced by diesel locomotives during the total fire ban (when dry weather increases the risk of forest fires). Wheelchair access is available at all stations, but spaces are limited and must be reserved in advance. 


How to get there?
The Puffing Billy train runs from Belgrave to Gembrook, across the foothills of the Blue Dandenong Ranges in the Yarra Valley. The starting point of the railway station is Belgrave, 40 km east of Melbourne. Trains run to Belgrave from Flinders Street Station: Just follow the blue line from Belgrave Station, which leads to Puffing Billy Station, just a few steps away. If you are driving, it is an hour’s drive from Melbourne city center. 

When will you arrive?
The Bailey Boving Railway runs four times a day, leaving in the morning and afternoon from Belgrave. The trains operate throughout the year, but are filled in the summer, so booking early. 

Special events on board Bailey Boving
If you want something more, book private Steam & Cuisine tickets and eat on a century-old steam train or enjoy a train ride under the theme of Jazz or Murder Mystery at night. Those with children can treat the young with Dai, with Thomas, when Puffing Billy turns into Thomas the Tank Engine, or takes a ride on Santa’s own Christmas trains.